Welcome to Co-Liv: we collaborate globally to promote co-living ventures that work.

Co-Liv is a non-profit organization, ecosystem and do-tank whose mission is to empower the co-living phenomenon worldwide. We are a network of co-living professionals: founders, operators, real estate investors, developers, designers, architects, urban planners and policymakers who are dedicated to making the world a better place through shared living.

The Lab does not operate any co-living space but rather serves as a "chamber of commerce" for the global co-living community. We connect entrepreneurs and operators to experts and spaces, and investors to prototypes of real-world solutions.

We define co-living as any shared living space that improves the quality-of-life for its residents.

We believe co-living will address the global housing crisis, transform the real estate landscape, and create new lifestyle paradigms for a more sustainable future.

To become an active member, join Co-Liv Lab, our online platform. Membership in the Lab supports our non-profit, connects you with online peer-to-peer support and mentorship, and grants you access to newsletters, spaces, projects, publications and special events.

Members who join agree to adhere to our Community Charter.

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