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Co-Liv organises and supports the creation of industry-leading events.

Global Co-Liv Summit

Virtual, May 5/6 2021

The global Co-Liv is the industry event gathering all coliving professionals into one place for three days of deep connection, workshops, awards show and networking.

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WorldwiDe Learning Expeditions

We organize learning expeditions in different countries for a small group of coliving operators with the goal to learn from leading coliving spaces, interact with local actors, and understand the national coliving landscape.

LEX Berlin

Berlin, late 2020

Join us for two days of exploring one of the most vibrant coliving metropoles of Europe.

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LEX New York

NYC, late 2020

Learn from and interact with the coliving pioneers in the booming city of New York.

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Co-Liv Events

National coliving events are gatherings of co-living operators and enthusiasts with the strategic objective to socialise, exchange knowledge, build alliances and seek solutions to common issues.


May 26th @ 1PM Zurich

The first Swiss Co-Liv event will feature a talk with Johannes Peter, founder of TomoDomo, a Swiss coliving brand, and will be broadcasted live from the newly opened Domo Tenna. He will talk with Swiss Co-Liv Ambassador Walter Zueck about his experiences in converting hotels to colivings and his personal journey in the industry. The event will be in English. This event is hosted Walter Zueck our Co-Liv's Switzerland ambassador.


Spain / Mallorca

April 19th @ 7PM CET

Mallorca: An overview of the coliving scene. Join us for the first Mallorca Co-Liv event. Our three panelists will introduce us to the coliving scene in Mallorca, will give an overview of what is happening right now and what is to come for this beautiful island, with a focus on hotels/hostels whilst supporting the local market. Our focus are hotels/hostels and support of the local market. This event will be held in English. This event is hosted Caterina Maiolini head of ambassadors and moderated by Mario Krivickas Co-Liv Mallorca ambassador.



April 7th @ 3PM SAST

This is our second event focusing on coliving and affordable housing in Africa and In this panel-style event, we will explore how Africa is thinking and acting on solving a deep problem which is affordable housing and how coliving will play a big role in finding the right solution. Our 3 panelists will share their extensive knowledge and expertise and will take us through the different solutions available now and what they are working for in the future. This event will be held in English. This event is hosted by Izaq Kamau ( CEO The Vlage ) Kenya & Africa Co-Liv ambassador and Matt Lesniak Co-Liv Head of Community.



April 21st @ 4PM Dubai Time

A look at the state of off-site construction technology, its applications, and the numerous potential benefits to the coliving industry. This event will be held in English. This event will be held in English. This event is brought to you by Co-Liv (, the global coliving organization; hosted by Bass Ackermann - Founder Hive Coliv, U.A.E Co-Liv ambassador.



14 de April a 11AM CLST

From landlord/tenant issues to developing customer knowledge as a key to income stability. This event will be held in español/ingles. Hablaremos sobre la la estabilización de ingresos, la profesionalización de la renta residencial para pequeños inversionistas, el aumento de plusvalia y la disminución de los riesgos para propietarios en Chile y Argentina.This event is hosted by Alejandra La Barca, CEO Somos New City and Chile ambassador.



April 14th @ 9am CET

This Nordic co-Liv event will cover Learn how co-living and smarter use of real estate contribute to more sustainable cities. We will address UNs 2030 Sustainable Development Goals and focus on urbanization, city development, and personal well-being. Coffee up and be ready to discuss. This event will be held in English. Jonathan Andersson from Coliving Life and Laura Sundin from Dovevivo will be hosting this evening Swedish style Fika event, Sweden Co-Liv ambassador.



April 15th @ 7pm CET

Obtenga más información sobre el futuro del coliving y los edificios compartidos de 2 expertos en innovación y sostenibilidad dentro del sector de la construcción. Cuáles son los últimos edificios con bajas emisiones de carbono, cómo desarrollar una co-vivienda a través de un proceso participativo y cuál será el futuro de la eficiencia energética y cómo medir su impacto a través de las últimas certificaciones. Una ocasión increíble para aprender y charlar con los expertos de vanguardia de sAtt y Bullfinch. Este es un evento es organizado por Co-Liv (, organización internacional de Co-living y moderado por Carles Ribes; Virginia Pérez Nieto y Alicia Regodón Co-Liv Ambassadors de España y con la colaboración de



April 8th @ 6pm CEST

Community Frameworks: different models for coliving communities and shared experiences. How can we shape environments and mindsets to cultivate authentic communities? How to balance economic pressures with community curation? How do different community frameworks support different business models? This event will be held in English. This event is hosted by Kelsea Crawford, French Co-Liv Ambassador & CEO of Cutwork, and Fabrice Simondi, cofounder Co-Liv and founder of Vitanovae.



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