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Co-Liv organises and supports the creation of industry-leading events.

Global Co-Liv Summit

Paris, April 2021

The global Co-Liv is the industry event gathering all coliving professionals into one place for three days of deep connection, workshops, awards show and networking.


WorldwiDe Learning Expeditions

We organize learning expeditions in different countries for a small group of coliving operators with the goal to learn from leading coliving spaces, interact with local actors, and understand the national coliving landscape.

LEX Berlin

Berlin, late 2020

Join us for two days of exploring one of the most vibrant coliving metropoles of Europe.

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LEX New York

NYC, late 2020

Learn from and interact with the coliving pioneers in the booming city of New York.

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Co-Liv Events

National coliving events are gatherings of co-living operators and enthusiasts with the strategic objective to socialise, exchange knowledge, build alliances and seek solutions to common issues.


November 27th @ 11AM SAST

This is our first event focusing on Coliving in Africa and we are very honored to have a fantastic panel of industry professionals to look at the rise of Coliving in Africa and how and why technology will speed this rise much faster than predicted. Our speakers for the event are Duncan Ridgley: Founder and CEO of Somewhere different Uk & Egypt, Izaq Kamau Ceo & Co-founder of The Vlage World ltd in Kenya, and Murray Clark Founder and CEO of Neighborhood - South Africa. This event is brought to you by Co-Liv (, the global coliving organization; hosted by Caterina Maiolini co-liv head of ambassador.



November 23rd @ 4PM Dubai Time

In this first-ever U.A.E event, we are super excited to have teamed up with Hive Coliv in Dubai. A panel of industry professionals look at the rise of Coliving in the UAE. This event will be held in English. Our key speakers: Bass Ackermann - Founder - Hive Coliv, Fadi Sarieddine – Founder – Fadi Sarieddine Design Studio, Dr. Mahmoud Al Burai – Senior Advisor – Dubai Government, and Aleks Pes - Head of Marketing & Sales - Becar Asset Management. This event is brought to you by Co-Liv (, the global coliving organization; hosted by Caterina Maiolini - London Mayor - Startuphome, U.K Co-Liv ambassador.



18 de noviembre a 11AM CLST

En este primer evento sudamericano, en español, Alejandra Labarca, Embajadora Co-liv Chile, Directora Ejecutiva en Somos NewCity hablará sobre Innovar para una mejor calidad de vida; Gabriel Cid, Co-Fundador Capitalizarme, contará su experiencia como coliver y su vision desde la inversion inmobiliaria, y Juan Carlos Sáez de Fundación CoHousing, nos contará las bases de Inspiración y desafíos del cohousing en Chile. Las Smart Cities optimizan sus recursos para equilibrar su distribución entre todos los ciudadanos. De esta forma, la economía compartida habilitará ciudades más prósperas y felices. El Coliving es una solución habitacional, pero también es un habilitador de mejoras sociales y económicas en las ciudades. Queremos invitarte a conocer la vivienda colaborativa, Coliving, como nuevo estilo de vida.



November 19th @ 8PM AEDT

During this event, Todd Gill (CEO / Founder at Cohost Group Limited in China) and Andrew Purdon (Senior Director and Head of Coliving Transaction at CBRE UK), will discuss how Coliving is rapidly taking on new shapes and forms, which are proving to be solid performers for investors, developers, and operators. Is the original ideology behind the concept becoming absolute? This event is hosted by Jorn Wisselink (Founder, SenZe Hospitality), Australia & NZ Co-Liv ambassador.



November 17th @ 6:30PM CET

L’invecchiamento della popolazione è un processo globale, che ha delle implicazioni significative in termini di gradi differenziati di autonomia, risorse, bisogni. Invecchiare nel proprio contesto di vita e nella propria abitazione ha molti risvolti positivi, ma può anche avvenire per default, per mancanza di politiche adeguate, e innescare rischi di isolamento e di intrappolamento. La progettazione di contesti di vita per l’età anziana è tanto più appropriata quanto più consente una varietà di combinazioni lungo gradienti di autonomia/condivisione e di intensità assistenziale, in modo da rispondere a bisogni e preferenze assai diversificati. l'organizzazione globale coliving; presentata da Laura Vanazzi, ambasciatrice di Italian Co-Liv. L'evento sarà in lingua Italiana.



November 26th @ 7pm GMT

Welcome to the co-liv changes in lifestyle and the severe impact of the pandemic is driving many hotel and hostel owners to consider a transition to coliving in Portugal. At this webinar, you will found how to do it along with guest speakers Laura Matta - Chief Marketing Officer - CASA CAMPUS, Lyuba Sorokina - Founder - SOUL KITCHEN. This event is hosted by Williams Johnson Mota (CEO B-Hive Living) Portugal Co-Liv ambassador. The event will be in English & Portuguese.



December 3rd @ 6pm CET

The upcoming Co-Liv event in France will focus on 'Legal Hurtles to Coliving'. The key questions we will explore: Clarifying the legal intricacies and obstacles facing developers and operators in France. What are the key legal intricacies facing developers and operators in France? How can these hurdles best be navigated? What kinds of legal changes or future regulations could make opening coliving spaces easier or potentially restrict their development? This event is hosted by Kelsea Crawford from Cutwork and Fabrice Simondi from Co-Liv.



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