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Co-Liv organises and supports the creation of industry-leading events.

Global Co-Liv Summit

Paris, April 2021

The global Co-Liv is the industry event gathering all coliving professionals into one place for three days of deep connection, workshops, awards show and networking.


WorldwiDe Learning Expeditions

We organize learning expeditions in different countries for a small group of coliving operators with the goal to learn from leading coliving spaces, interact with local actors, and understand the national coliving landscape.

LEX Berlin

Berlin, late 2020

Join us for two days of exploring one of the most vibrant coliving metropoles of Europe.

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LEX New York

NYC, late 2020

Learn from and interact with the coliving pioneers in the booming city of New York.

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Co-Liv Events

National coliving events are gatherings of co-living operators and enthusiasts with the strategic objective to socialise, exchange knowledge, build alliances and seek solutions to common issues.


February 4th @ 3PM Dubai Time

In this second U.A.E in-person event, we are super excited to have teamed up with Hive Coliv in Dubai. An industry of professionals looks at the Co-Liv Industry Mixer. This event will be held in English. A get-together for coliving professionals to meet, interact and collaborate. This event is brought to you by Co-Liv (, the global coliving organization; hosted by Bass Ackermann - Founder Hive Coliv, U.A.E Co-Liv ambassador.



January 28th @ 6pm GMT

2021 will no doubt mark a turning point. Society has fundamentally shifted due to this pandemic and at this session, we will look at what to expect and the dynamics that will shape the coliving movement and the real state landscape in Portugal in 2021 and beyond. Join us to learn how to meet the moment and forge a successful path in the year ahead. This event is hosted by Williams Johnson Mota (CEO B-Hive Living) Portugal Co-Liv ambassador. The event will be held in English.



February 4th @ 7pm CET

Contesto sobre el texto. UDA no es tecnología para operar colivings si no para entender el sector inmmobiliario, y tienen varios estudios tanto para el BTR como para Coliving de lo que nos hablarán. Entonces si os parece actualizo alguna pregunta y título en rojo. Por lo demás perfect. Este evento es traído a usted por Co-Liv (, la organización de coliving global; presentado por Carles Ribes @attico virginia Pérez @the hotel estudiantil y Alicia Regodón @Urban Campus, embajadora de España co-Liv; y es posible gracias a, socio técnico principal de Co-Liv y proveedor de cerraduras inteligentes coliving con una plataforma de gestión llamada SALTO KS.



January 14th @ 6pm CET

The new year Co-Liv event in France will focus on 'Coliving Outlook 2021: market shifts and where to focus'. What shifts can the coliving movement expect in 2021? What do coliving tenants and communities need today? What is most important for operators and developers to focus on now? and we'll have our key speakers Gui Perdrix (Co-Liv director & founder of Art of Co), Lauren Dannay (COO & co-founder of Whoomies), Alexandre Assal (CEO & co-founder of Whoomies), Matt Lesniak (co-founder and Head of Impact & Innovation at Conscious Coliving & co-founder of Coliving Insights). This event is hosted by Kelsea Crawford from Cutwork and Co-Liv ambassador.



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