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Join our local meetups, learning expeditionsand global flagship events.


Flagship EventS

The global and local summits are major industry-events gathering key stakeholders around specific topics.

Co-Liv Summit: Laying the Foundation

Paris, 2020/21

The global Co-Liv is THE industry event gathering all coliving professionals into one place for three days of deep connection.


WorldwiDe Learning Expeditions

We organize learning expeditions in different countries for a small group of coliving operators with the goal to learn from leading coliving spaces, interact with local actors, and understand the national coliving landscape.

LEX Berlin

Berlin, late 2020

Join us for two days of exploring one of the most vibrant coliving metropoles of Europe.

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LEX New York

NYC, late 2020

Learn from and interact with the coliving pioneers in the booming city of New York.

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Co-Liv Meetups

National coliving meetups are gatherings of co-living operators and enthusiasts with the strategic objective to socialise, exchange knowledge, build alliances and seek solutions to common issues.

Australia Virtual Co-Liv Meetup

June 4 @ 11AM AEDT

In this first virtual Co-Liv meetup, host Jorn Wisselink (Australia & NZ Ambassador) is going to dig into the Australian coliving scene. Rhys Williams from UKO coliving and Mark Peters from the Tribe Hotel Group are going to share their insights and perspectives. Please register to attend and share it with your colleagues who can benefit from it - This event is brought to you by Co-Liv (, the global coliving association, and empowered by Salto KS (, global Co-Liv partner and tech representative.


US Virtual Co-Liv Meetup (East Coast)

June 4 @ 5PM EDT

Welcome to the first US (East Coast) Co-Liv meetup. This first event will discuss are the longer-term impact of the COVID-19 crisis on the coliv & cowork industries around the business model and community creation. Speakers include Chen Avni, Venn co-founder and Chief Experience Officer; Alex Hillman founder of Indyhall cowork and Jorn J.D Wisselink (Co-Liv Ambassador for Australia and former coliving operator). This event will include guest speakers from the coliving and coworking sector. The Co-Liv meetup is hosted by Co-Liv ( and facilitated by Amir Baruch ( We will have perspectives from around the globe- Australia, East Asia, Europe and the US.


Italy Virtual Co-Liv Meetup

May 27 @ 6PM CET

Welcome to the first Italian coliving meetup! This first edition is entitled "Coliving International Outlook: Next Stop Italy" and will explore the coliving industry and coliving players of the area. Guest speakers Virginia Scapenelli from Stonup and Fabio de Gaspari from RE Mallorca will share insights about the current state of affairs. The Virtual Co-Liv Meetup is brought to you by Co-Liv, the leading coliving industry organization (, and facilitated by Cate Maiolinim, mayor of Startuphome. This event will be held in Italian.


Singapore Virtual Co-Liv Meetup

May 29 @ 4PM SG Time

Welcome to the second Singapore Co-Liv meetup. This event will focus around "Cracking Co-Living’s Dilemma – close-knit community vs scalability" and bring in guest speakers Connor Moore ( and Gui Perdrix ( The Co-Liv meetup is brought to you by Co-Liv ( and facilitated by Bryan Leong / Sylvia Lee from Salto KS (


Poland Virtual Co-Liv Meetup

May 27 @ 3pm CET

Przemysław Chimczak, co-founder of ThinkCo - real estate research lab, will talk about how commercial co-living works and how it benefits both the investors and the renters, and will be followed by Gosia Czwarno, Head of Community at Vonder. This event is brought to you by the amazing Bart Sasim from SPX Agency and Alicja Snarska from of Raźniej.


Germany Co-Liv Meetup

May 7th @ 12pm CET

This virtual meetup will be around the subject of "Community Strategy for Coliving" and we'll be joined by our special guest Gaëtan de Dietrich, Head of Community at Hmlet.


Portugal Virtual Co-Liv Meetup

May 28th @ 5pm Lisbon Time

As part of the virtual Co-Liv meetup series, this event will dig into the situation of the coliving industry with leading actors. This meetup will be hosted by Williams Johnson Mota from B-hive Living.


Netherlands Virtual Co-Liv Meetup

May 26th @ 5pm Amsterdam Time CET

This event is a virtual meetup for coliving operators, developers, real estate owners, and wider coliving professionals. The topic of this event will be dealing with the current crisis situation and the discussion will be held in English.


Spain Virtual Co-Liv Meetup

May 29th @ 5pm CET

Together with Co-Liv, we will continue creating events (soon face-to-face 😉) to generate an ecosystem and continue to grow together. This time we are dressing up as we will have a high-level guest: Máximo Robles Senior Account Manager in Badi, who will give us insights on future co-livers. and this event made possible by Salto, global Co-Liv partner, and tech Ambassador. Please register below to attend. This meetup will be held in Spanish.


UK Virtual Co-Liv Meetup

June 2nd @ 6pm UK Time

This meetup will be bringing in guest speaker Suart Scott from Co-Living Spaces and discuss the topic "Coliving: Opportunities for Innovation". This meetup is brought to you by Co-Liv (, hosted by Cate Maiolini (Mayor at Startuphome), and made possible by Salto KS (


Worldwide Co-Liv Meetup

Dates to be announced

If you are interested in participating in a virtual Co-Liv meetup in the future, or want to organize one with us, please fill out the form below.


Germany Virtual Co-Liv Meetup

May 20th @ 5pm CET

This virtual meetup will be around the subject of "Online Event Strategy for Coliving" and we'll be joined by our special guest Pauline Loeb, Head of Events at The Collective.


Brazil Virtual Co-Liv Meetup

End of May

Join us for another amazing coliving meetup, this one will be only about Coliving Community Management. Oka Coliving´s Community Manager, Laura Santos will host this event, talking about the importance and challenges of managing expectations, conflicts and joys of 50 members.


France Virtual Co-Liv Meetup

May 14th @ 7pm CET

For ourCo-Liv Virtual Meetup France, we'd like to dig into how COVID-19 is affecting both the public & private investment sectors of coliving. We're happy to invite Fabrice Amic from Fonds de co-investissement ANRU and Joseph-Marie Absil from Audacia to help lead the conversation.



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