Co-Liv Local

Co-Liv Local events are ongoing opportunities for Lab members and local experts to connect. These events are curated by the Lab to help foster meaningful connections and provide a framework for discussing the challenges and opportunities of developing co-living ventures.

Our events include workshops, panel discussions, dinners and happy hours with local industry experts. These events are by invitation only. To receive an invitation, you must be a member of the Lab.

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Co-Liv Summit

Co-Liv Summit is our annual conference showcasing co-living professionals from around the world: founders, operators, real estate developers, architects, urban planners, investors, policymakers, entrepreneurs and the unique, innovative co-living ventures that are making it work.

For attendees, It’s an opportunity to:

  • Hear from luminaries about the benefits of the sharing economy and where co-living fits in
  • Learn why co-living is a healthier, more eco-friendly, socially responsible and affordable solution to the housing crisis
  • Think, create and connect over talks and workshops with most successful co-living ventures from around the world.

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Learning Expeditions

The Lab helps facilitate Learning Expeditions for trusted members with local co-living partners. An expedition is an organized itinerary with co-living professionals and lab members including founders, operators, designers, architects and urban planners. We facilitate activities that fulfill our mission, including workshops, panel discussions, social events, and tours.

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