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The Lab exists to promote the diffusion of co-living by providing a professional hub for co-living operators, investors, designers and many others. This blog highlights people & topics of interest every week to feed our community with the latest news.

We believe that the co-living movement doesn’t exist in a vacuum, as the sector is producing spillover effects that are directly impacting communities and the wider global economy. Co-living operators are establishing themselves as essential community partners, as the majority of brands share their amenities with the surrounding neighborhood.

Co-living is building its future in the crossroads of the new economy that seeks to unbundle everything including housing. We need new paradigms that reflect our new way of life, and that means catering to a growing demographic of people who eschew the traditional real estate model. We believe the diversification of options in the real estate marketplace helps improve economic and environmental sustainability and gives people a wider array of choices as consumers.

The world is changing, and co-living operators are a big part of that change. That’s why we encourage co-living operators to join our thriving global community as we lay the foundation for the future of co-living. If you’re interested in being a part of the movement, the Lab is a great place to start. We are a think-and-do-tank dedicated to enabling the spread of the co-living phenomenon worldwide. Our member community serves developers, operators, designers, researchers, entrepreneurs, investors, urban planners, policymakers, experts and enthusiasts.

We connect to strengthen the movement. We share resources and opportunities to grow the community. We collaborate to make co-living spaces that work.

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