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By being part of Co-Liv, members have formed new partnerships, bought and sold properties, joined ventures, and accessed off-the-market insights.

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Co-Liv is a network of coliving professionals: founders, operators, real estate investors, developers, service providers, designers, architects, urban planners and policymakers who are dedicated to making the world a better place through shared living.

This membership is for all those who are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of shared living sectors through the right professional connections, some deeper knowledge on coliving and the ability to participate in business growth initiatives.

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What They Say About Us

Founder - Attico living

"Co-Liv has opened up new opportunities out of my realm, leading to finding the future merger of my company after only two meetings attended."


What They Say About Us

CMO - Casa Campus

"When found in the gigantic challenge of working for an industry that is under construction, having a community like the @Co-Liv one is simply priceless. Co-Liv as not only given all of us in the industry a community but, it gave as all - being rather small businesses in the different countries - the global reach we would have not been able to reach and that Globalness is the catalyst for the growth of all of the players as well as of the coliving industry on its own."


What They Say About Us

Founder - Bounce Coliving

"Co-Liv has introduced me to a literal world of diverse but like-minded individuals on a similar mission to provide quality housing and build great communities. Not only are the people amazing, but the resources are phenomenal — they have propelled how I think and approach the future of coliving."



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